1. Do you wish your own Genie?

  2. Aladdin allows you to create, edit, invoke,

  3. share with friends, and e-mail Genies.

  4. Genies are simple list of items

  5. associated with numbers or expressions.

    For example, you may want to record

  6. expenses for your holiday in Italy: just touch the lamp and create your Genie.  With Aladdin you can even MAIL it (in Excel and Numbers csv format) to anyone, including your office PC.

    You can SHARE Genies, too. Just choose 'Share' and follow the instructions - all you need is the e-mail addressed of your friends - no need to register and remember username and passwords...

    Aladdin helps solve even more complex tasks. You may create a Genie to determine the number of atoms of water in the ocean given you mother's birtday and you weight in ounces, and share it with your students. Or something like that...

  7. Aladdin allows you to write simple notes to explain how to use a Genie, or just to remember something. But Aladdin's Genies can solve much more complex problems, too: you may even enter complete algebraic expressions.

    Aladdin comes with built-in examples to let you immediately start to create your Genies. However, make sure to fully read Aladdin's on-line help to get the most out of your Genies!

    Share your solutions with your friends and with us. Submit your ideas to the contact address: the best ones will be added to Aladdin's distribution package.